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You know when you meet someone, and you just hit it off instantly, and you feel like you’ve known them longer than just a few minutes? Well that’s what it felt like when we met Jessie & Jim on the day of their wedding. In fact, every single person we met at Jessie & Jim’s wedding were exactly like that, a supremely lovely bunch!

We arrived earlier than scheduled to the Trinity Centre as we’d anticipated some bank holiday traffic madness which never really materialised (hurrah). So we enjoyed a short bathe in the sunshine (remember what that feels like? No, neither do we), whilst the speeches were taking place.

We’d been in touch with the team at the Trinity Centre to run through details before we arrived, which was really helpful, and always makes the day run a little smoother.

The Trinity Centre was waaaaaay cooooool.  Here are some photos we took while we waited. Many thanks to Ripley from the Trinity Centre for taking a snap of us all together. #bffs. Upstairs was where the wedding ceremony took place, see the huge stained glass window? I know! How beautiful and amazing. Downstairs (where the AWESOME STAGE AND SPEAKER SYSTEM IS) is where we were to make musical goodness happen later on.

The Trinity Centre is a pretty awesome venue, they have lots of different events going on, check out their website, there is literally something for everyone! 2 years ago they became licensed to hold weddings, and I can see why! What a spectacular place to get married *and* it has a garden where you can play giant Jenga, Twister, Snakes and Ladders, or whatever you fancy. Right in the middle of Bristol, brilliant isn’t it? (No, we don’t work for them, we just really thought it was a super cool and unique wedding venue).

We began to load in once we’d been given the nod that it was okay to do so. The stage was high, around 1 meter off the ground which was great. We had our super wicked HK Audio PA in the van, but as the venue had a super system already in place, we plugged directly into that (with their permission of course). They also had a cool lighting rig which we were able to use.

Set up was a breeze as we could get quite close to the stage with our van (hurrah) and because we all have big muscles and most of us are quite strong.

We set up and sound-checked which went well. We’ve used our new digital Allen & Heath mixing desk quite a few times now, and we’ve enjoyed exploring everything it can do! We knew tonight was going to be great. The space was a really good size, and had a bar, loos, and food all in the same room (winner)!

Here are some photos from set up and soundcheck. I loved the flowers and the lights everywhere. I also just loved the music theme! I’m not sure why our drummer Simon Small looks quite so suspicious during sound check! Ha!

After a quick change in to our outfits, it was time for us to go on.

For their first dance Jim & Jessie had chosen MGMT’s ‘Congratulations‘. You really should have a listen to the track if you don’t know it already, it’s lovely. Jim & Jessie had selected some really awesome songs from some incredible artists (think Zeppelin) from our repertoire for us to play. We don’t get to play all of them that often so we loved it!!

During the break, Jessie & Jim had arranged for a mountain load of Dominos pizza to be delivered. I know! How amazing. They’d really kindly factored us into the mix and we seriously enjoyed eating some very delicious and piping hot pizza! What a great idea!

We had such a great time performing for Jim & Jessie and their guests. I was (an always am) blown away by the talent of these guys I get to play with every week. Lead guitarist Ben really never ceases to amaze me with his guitar solos, same goes for Simon Small, our drummer, his drum fills are out of this world. Combined with Tommy’s awesome bass lines and Jamie‘s lead vocals, it makes for a pretty awesome sound which makes me very proud to be part of The Zoots!

I only managed one quick snap during the show as we were busy performing! Jamie’s tie is round his head after it had been used for the limbo which had just taken place.

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Can’t thank Jim & Jessie enough for choosing The Zoots to be their band for the evening.  Many thanks to everyone we met on the night for being so lovely and so welcoming, we love you guys. Thanks to Rosie for looking after us too, you’re awesome Rosie! Thank you to the team at The Trinity Centre for being uber lovely, Ripley, Sarah, & everyone.

Hope to see you all again one day soon,

Lots of love,

Harriet & The Zoots x

Jess & Jim got in touch after the wedding with these kind words about us:

“To The Zoots,

Wow!! What can we say….you guys were the soundtrack to the best day of our lives! We knew you guys would be really good, but you still managed to massively exceed our expectations! Flawless sound, brilliant showmanship, and the set blew us away! The fact that it was crafted to our tastes so spectacularly was just amazing…we love the Zoots!!!!

Thank you so so much. We hope you enjoyed being part of our special day.

We are extremely grateful for all your hard work making our day what it was. After 3 relaxing child-free days in the Lake District we’re now back down to earth. Your gig will stay with us for the rest of our lives, thank you for all your effort…you are a talented bunch!

With love from the newlyweds,

Jim & Jess”

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