In the blink of an eye it was the 6th of September 2014. It seemed only yesterday Kerry & Andy had first been in touch asking us if we were available to perform at her wedding! Wedding band Longhouse Somerset. From the off, Kerry was warm and so friendly, we couldn’t help but be so excited about performing for her. The Longhouse was every bit as beautiful as Google has told us it was. The views just made it. The air felt so clean and fresh and you couldn’t help but feel lovely and relaxed in such a beautiful place. Everywhere you looked, it was breathtaking! The Longhouse is set on 25 acres of some of Somerset’s best countryside (or so we thought). “The Longhouse was specifically designed to make use of the beautiful scenery looking down across the top of some of the trees to the river Brue”. The room itself offers a panoramic view of the whole of the landscape and to top it off the staff we just wonderful and they had loads of beds available which the Kerry & Andy’s wedding guests could use. The photos below don’t do the view justice at all. Take our word for it, it was amazing!  

Wedding band at Longhouse

The room we were playing in was great and overlooked the beautiful views above. Huge thanks to all of the lovely staff who working on the night who were just lovely! Particularly Rachel who was so helpful during our time at the LongHouse. Wedding band Longhouse. The room we were performing in was surrounded by huge floor to ceiling windows which was great for the wedding breakfast as it meant the guests had a great view of the countryside. The room also had huge curtains which would be drawn which was great for us acoustically as they absorbed some of the sound we produced and helped us to create a more controlled better sound.

The room had been decorated beautifully with bunting and colourful flowers on every table. I loved the clouds on the ceiling which I think also contributed to the soundproofing. We arrived early and found our bearings. It was so great to finally meet Kerry & Andy who were every bit as lovely as we had imagined! Zoots bass player and lead guitarist Stuart & Ben met us at the venue as they live not to far from Bruton. When we arrived, we we informed that the day was running slightly behind schedule. This is something we are familiar with and do our best to plan for. We did everything we could to speed up the setting up process so we could begin as soon as possible. After a quick soundcheck, we dashed up stairs to get changed.

Before our set Kerry & Andy cut the cake. The Cake! What a cake it was.

Wedding band Somerset

Then we were on! We had such a fantastic time performing for such a wonderful couple. The guests danced until their feet were sore, we played until we could no more! Kerry & Andy had chosen some awesome tracks from our repertoire. It was such a brilliant night and we even got to try some of the cake! Thank you so much to Kerry & Andy for choosing us as their wedding band at Longhouse!

Love from Jamie, Harriet The Zoots band

The new year is going to be awesome, we are playing in Bath, Wiltshire, Lyme Regis, Dorset, Bassmeads, Kent, Halloween, Hothorne, Bowood, Dewsall Court,  Henley,Lains Barn, Metropolis TheaterGoodwood, Wiltshire, Cornwall, Pynes House Wedding band, Wedding band in the Midlands, Celtic Manor, Birds Hill Golf Club, Kent, Pinewood and The Coral Theatre.

 Wedding  Longhouse, Somerset

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