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I just love April. The rapeseed is out in full bloom and colours the landscape a glowing yellow. Birds are reappearing and flowers pop up in the garden. I love the smell of freshly cut grass and I get all excited about the thought of summer! I love being out in the countryside at this time of year. We’re fortunate as we get to see ahhhh-lot of the country (and indeed the world) on our travels. It’s a wonderful time to get married. Wiltshire is where we begin our journey as we travel the short distance to Marden Manor for the wedding of Charles and Sophie.

The drive was beautiful, we spotted lots of bright yellow fields and green hills. The sun was shining, it was going to be a great day.

We arrived, unloaded the van and got set up. We had a great stage and dance-floor area in one of the marquee. The grounds were just stunning. We felt like we were in the very heart of Wiltshire, surrounded by beautiful fields and stunning countryside.

The marquee was just beautiful. It was huge and WOW. We were told there were 180 guests for dinner. It looked incredible. Massive displays of flowers hung extravagantly from the ceiling. They were just stunning. The smaller bouquets gave off such a beautiful scent too.  Everything had been so well thought out, the table plan, the menu, the place settings, the room layout, it was lovely. I’ve tried to take lots of photos so you can see how lovely it is. The cake was so pretty, the flowers were just perfect. The marquee was such a floral delight for all of the senses. Everywhere you looked, there was something beautiful to see or smell! Check out the menu, – wowsers, the guests were in for a feast! 😀

The marquee was provided by Covered Occasions, I think you’ll agree is was just beautiful. We’d been in touch with Jamie from Covered Occasions before the big day, running though our requirements and what we needed in the way of power. He and the team we’re super helpful and friendly, making sure we had everything we needed for the night. Thank you!

We set up and sound-checked, conscious of the time as we wanted to everything done before the guests arrived following the wedding ceremony which was taking place nearby. Marquees are usually pretty good for an electric band as they absorb the sound we create, making it a lot easier to control! Sound check went without hitch. We also set the levels for DJ Stuart for the night. He was going to be doing a couple of awesome DJ sets between our band performances and to close the evening.

Once we were happy with the sound, we taped our leads, did some final checks, put on some nice background music for the wedding breakfast and made our way to our room for the evening, at the other end of the marquee. We had a bit of time to wait before our performance so we settled in for a few hours. Sophie, Charles and Monique had kindly arranged for the catering team, Sue Brady catering to provide us with some food during this time. We met Sue who was just lovely. You couldn’t help but immediately warm to her. She’d very kindly cooked us up some deeeeee-licious lasagne and had made extra sure our bass player with an egg allergy could have some too. We really cannot recommend Sue Brady and her team highly enough. Every person we met and spoke to from the team were an absolute delight and the picture of professionalism. When we did pop into the kitchen to get a cup of tea, the team were just so organised and calm! I can just about make dinner for 2 (which I find stressful) let alone 180! They were a real dream team, and if you do have a chance to hire them, don’t hesitate! Following our lasagne, we were happy and very full Zoots.

We met the photographer for the day whilst we were tucking into some grub. Tom Greenly was his name, working for the family run photography business ‘Richard Greenly Photography Ltd‘ he too was really lovely and chatty and we enjoyed getting to know a bit more about him and what he does. He was EVERYWHERE on the night, snap snap snapping away. We can’t wait to see the results! Here’s a link to his website:

After dinner sat outside for a bit in the sun which we thought would be warm but it was a bit chilly so we went for a walk around the grounds to stretch our legs and check out the scenery. Zoots lead guitarist Ben Jones took his guitar everywhere with him. He loves that guitar. The guests had arrived and we could hear them chatting excitedly just outside the marquee.

Fast forward a few hours, after a lot ‘checking our phones’, reading books, warming up, keeping warm and preparing ourselves for the evening ahead, we were ready! The boys looked so smart in their suits! We could hear the guests in the marquee beyond, we were excited!

The night began with Sophie & Charles’ first dance, Ed Sheeran’s, ‘Thinking Out Loud‘. The couple had been in touch a few months previously to see if we could play it as it’s not one which was on our repertoire. It was a beautiful song, and the instrumentation fitted well with our line up so we said we’d give it a try, see how it sounded and let them know! It was great and really suited our style so we were able to perform for the couple on the night. It really was wonderful being able to perform Charles and Sophie’s first dance, watching them take to the floor for the first time as husband and wife.

Set one was brilliant, we played all sorts. Sophie and Charles had chosen lots of brilliant songs from our repertoire. We tried to include as many of them as we could.

Stuart Dj’d while we had a break. His set was awesome. Ask us more about having Stuart DJ at your wedding.

We were back on for set 2. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a dance-floor so full for the whole night! Normally everyone needs a break to rest those dancing feet at some point, but not these guys; these guys didn’t need a rest at all. Sorry the photos are a bit blurry but everyone was dancing really fast and the evening was actually bit blurry as it all went so quick, full of dancing, singing, music, the odd falling over, lots of cheers, sing-a-longs, and general happiness and merriment. It was a great atmosphere to be in. You couldn’t help but smile. We love our job!

Thanks again to Sue Brady and her team, our performance was powered by them! Can they be at all of our performances please?

We had the best time performing for such and AWESOME CROWD and wonderful family. We were really honoured that Sophie & Charles had chosen The Zoots to be their wedding band.

Lots of love from,

Jamie, Harriet and The Zoots xx

Following our performance, we received this lovely email from Monique, Sophie’s mum:

“Dear Harriet
I just wanted to say on behalf of everyone and especially Sophie and Charles how thrilled we were with the terrific evening you gave at their wedding.  People were dancing all the time and really loved the music and the singing.
I will heartily recommend you in the future.
Many thanks again for a wonderful and special evening.
Best wishes”

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