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Let’s travel back to the 31st of March 2014. An email pings in. I can hear it. It’s from Amy and Ian. Hello Amy & Ian (they sound very lovely). They are getting married on the 7th of March 2015 and wondered if we’re available to perform for them. They just love the 60’s music and knew we were the perfect fit! We said yes and the date was booked!

Ian and Amy had know each other just 13 months before they decided they wanted to spend their lives together. And where better to tie the knot than The Assembly Rooms in Bath – what a venue!

assembly rooms Batassembly rooms Bath, Wedding venue Bath, assembly rooms Bath, Wedding venue Bath, Wedding venue Bath,  Getting married in Bath“The Assembly Rooms is one of Bath’s most prestigious venues and has been at the heart of the city’s social life since the 18th century.

Designed by John Wood the Younger in 1769 this fine set of public rooms was purpose built for a particular eighteenth century form of entertainment: the assembly. When they were completed in 1771, they were described as ‘ the most noble and elegant of any in the kingdom’.

Each of the four rooms –  the Great Octagon, Tea Room, Ball Room and Card Room – had a specific purpose, as their names suggest, but they could all adapt for other functions, as they still do today. Guests can move easily, behind closed doors, from room to room throughout the day. There is a small formal garden, well suited to drinks receptions.”

We met the couple and their lovely children Kaiya & Zara a few weeks before the wedding to run through some timings, plans and song choices. They’d chosen some fab songs from our repertoire. We couldn’t wait!

We arrived in Bath. It was lovely and sunny. Spring had officially arrived.

We unloaded our equipment into the Tea Room where we were performing. The Tea Room is pr-e-e-e-e-e-etty awesome. HUGE celings, lots of light, a baclony and of course, those marvellous (ly expensive) chandiliers. In the eighteenth century the Tea Room was used for concerts and refreshments and the price of interval tea was included in the cost of a ball ticket. – See more at:

We spotted Ian running through his speech as he waited for Amy to arrive before the wedding. Here he is looking very dapper pre-wedding!
The Zoots perform for Amy & Ian. The Zoots, Assembly Rooms Bath, Wedding in Bath, Band in Bath, LIve music Bath, Band in South West, Band in Bristol, Band in WIltshire, Band in Berkshire, Band for my wedding, Band for my party, Jamie Goddard Band, 1960s band, 60s bandWhile we were setting up, we met with Otto. He was awesome. Otto worked for The Assembly Rooms / some sort of higher power. He was a total legend. Never before have we seen such organisation and such slick running of a wedding day, and we’ve seen our fair share of weddings! He knew what, who and what things went where or did what. He knew where everyone was meant to be at every minute. He looked after us an absolute treat! We really enjoyed our day working with Otto and all of us commented on how people like Otto can really make a wedding. A venue is only as good as it’s staff who are working on the day. It’s worth booking the Assembly Rooms for a do, just to see Otto in action. Every wedding needs an Otto.

Anyway, we loaded in an set up. It was positively balmy. Spirits were high as the weather was glorious and we knew it was going to be a great day. We had a couple of hours before Amy’s arrival to set up our equipment. We had a lovely huge space and a great stage to perform on. I took a moment to take some photos of the Tea Room.


After setting up, Amy arrived, she looked beautiful. Their guests waited patiently behind closed doors in the Octagon. This was one of my favourite rooms, perhaps because it was so unusual, or maybe it was just the sparkly chandilliers (which the photos really fail to do justice). The wedding took place at 5pm.

We waited patiently in our lovely break out room. Amy & Ian had very kindly arranged for us to have some sandwiches – they were just what we needed after loading in and setting up to keep us going into the evening, thank you very much!!

A short while after the ceremory, we had a quick soundcheck in The Tea Room. The high ceilings, hard surfaces and lack of carpet meant the room had lots of body & echo! Great for an acoustic band, but it could be tricky for a live band. Luckily were used to working in all sorts of rooms so knew exactly what to do to get the best sound we could!

Here are some photos of Amy & Ian cutting their cake and some photos around The Assembly Rooms. I really loved the candles Amy & Ian had made for wedding favours. I think you’ll agree, it all looked brilliant!

We relaxed and warmed up whilst the newly weds and their wedding party enjoyed their wedding breakfast.

The wedding breakfast was a buffet style meal consisting of lots of lovely delights including:

– Mini hotdogs with homemade ketchup
– Beef burgers with caramelised onion relish
– Mini cod and chips with mushy peas
– Potato rosti with sour cream and chives
– Smoked ham and mushroom tart

It looked amazing. The couple had kindly said we could help ourselves to the buffet, but as it was quite close to our performance time, we decided it was best to wait. So we looked on, salivating! During this time, the speeches took place. We’d set up an extra wireless mic for the speakers to use. Lead singer Jamie turned the volume up and down depending on who was doing the talking, it all ran very smoothly.

Just before we went on DJ Stuart played some songs which had been requested by Kaiya and Zara, a mini disco if you will. They’d chosen some classics from One Direction and Dinsey’s greatest hits. I even managed to squeeze in a quick dance with the girls!

Then it was our time to shine. DJ Stu kicked off the evening by playing Amy & Ian’s first dance, ‘Sunshine on Leigh’ by The Proclaimers. It wasn’t one we’d heard before, but it was lovely. We really enjoyed watched Amy & Ian dance for the first time together as husband and wife, singing the lyrics to each other as they took to the dancefloor.

The night went by in such a blur of music and dancing!

We had such a wonderful time performing for such a beautiful and lovely couple. Thank you so much Amy & Ian for booking The Zoots for their wedding band.

Lots of love,

The Zoots

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