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You may have spotted our pretty swish posters out and about in Wantage promoting our 1960’s show happening tonight at The Beacon in Wantage. It was our first local(ish) public show in an absolute age so we were pretty excited! The Zoots, 1960s show, 60s show, sixties, Theatre, Beacon, Wantage, 1960s, 1960's band, tribute band, We’d been to the Beacon Wantage before to get the lay of the land and meet with Gemma to talk about possibly putting on a show there. We loved the venue, especially as it looked all shiny and new following its recent refurb! We decided our 1960’s show would be a great show to put on at the Wantage. The sixties was such a great time for music, we knew we could perform literally something for everyone (plus it meant we’d get to dress up in some preeee-tay awesome costumes, but more about that later). We set the date and began to plan for what was set to be a great night!

Before we knew it, the day was upon us. Tonight was the night we’d been waiting for. We all met at Zoots HQ to make the short trip north east (ish) to Wantage. Zoots Lead guitarist Ben & bass player Stuart arrived first and drummer Mike Lewis arrived soon after. We hit the road. The day was sunny, we were happy.

We arrived at The Beacon. I forgot to take any photos here so you’ll have to use your imagination for this part. It was mostly just us wondering about The Beacon, loading equipment in, chatting, stretching, getting in and out of lifts, sipping tea, that kind of thing. Libby from the Beacon was very kind in supplying us with lots of tea (thank you Libby), as most of you should know by now, tea is the way to our hearts. And dogs. We love tea and dogs. Except Ben. He doesn’t like dogs. He prefers chickens.

Nextly came the sound check. We were super excited to be working with George & Callum from JT Stage Productions. They were providing the PA and front of house, which is great! We just had to bring in our back-line, which mainly consists of amps and a drum kit. We loved working with JT Stage Productions. They were total pros. When we arrived at The Beacon everything was set just how we have it. And this rarely happens. Usually theres the odd piece in the wrong place or the odd mic in the wrong stand, and sometimes were lucky if anyone has even looked at our stage plan, but I would go as far to say this was really perfect. George & Callum were an absolute dream team to work with, their equipment was amazing and they were just fab. We look forward to when we can work with this pair again.

Below are some photos from sound check. Bass player Stuart does look quite seductive in one of the photos so you may wish to avert you eyesies.

And the stage was set! It looked a bit like this! The Zoots, The Zoots 1960s show, The Zoots sixties Show, Theatre show, Beacon Wantage, The Zoots band, Sixties tribute band, Sixties Cover Band, Band in Wiltshire, 60s band South West, 60s theatre show, Ok well that’s kind of dark but hopefully you get the gist! Then is was sideways for us as we made our way backstage to prepare ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and of course, spiritually, for the evening ahead. We took a lot of photos here. The good photos are taken by Jamie’s brother Martyn who came down for the evening. Huge thanks and hi-fives for all the photos Martyn (you’ll see some more of them later).

What a handsomely strange looking bunch, eh? As always time flew here and before we knew it, the doors we open, people flooded in and it was time for us to go on! We we’re really excited. It was a different kind of atmosphere. All of these people were here to see us! US! We were happy and chomping at the bit to get started.

And we were off! The curtains…er…well the curtains didn’t really open, because they couldn’t, but if they could have, this would have been the time when they would have opened. Anyway the curtains didn’t open and we basically walked on stage. It wasn’t quite as slick as it would have been had the curtains have been openable and closeable but they weren’t and we did the best we could. And that is enough about curtains. So we walked (and walking can be cool) on to the stage.

After our short walk on, we began! We kicked the night off with a classic, ‘Hard Days Night’ by the Beatles. It was fab. I can’t really remember what came next as it was a bit of a blur but I know it was good and we had a pretty awesome set. The crowd clapped and cheered and danced, oh did they dance! When the house lights came up, I got to see some very awesome 1960s costumes in the crowd, hats, boots, wigs, full onsies, hippy 60s, the lot. It was brilliant and such a great atmosphere.

Then it was time for set two…check out these outfits!

After the show we met some of you lovelies outside. We even had some photos taken with you! Were you there? Did you take some photos? Did you enjoy the show? Let us know: Email:

Huge thank you to everyone who came down to see us.

Here’s what you had to say…

We had such a wonderful evening.

Love from The Zoots x
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  1. Juliet redford

    The Zoots cannot put a foot wrong. Fantastic show every time we see them. Would highly recommend them for any event. Keep up the good work and hope to see you again very soon. X

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