The Zoots in Santorini

We’ve had a fantastic few weeks and The Zoots have travelled to some beautiful places: Rome, Pisa, Naples, Athens, Venice, Kotor, Vienna and Santorini. We have spent a long time in planes airports and taxis, some journeys more dangerous than others. We have survived a few testing times including a petrol shortage and a lorry strike in Naples and our lost luggage in Santorini. We’ve had few near misses with including the riots in Athens which we missed by a few hours.

When we arrived in Santorini in July, our luggage was still in Austria so we had to buy some new T Shirts.

There is always a long wait at Santorini port so we made the most of the sunny weather.

We have been to Montenegro a few times but we had a full day to visit and we really enjoyed it. As we sailed down to the ancient town of Kotor the views were stunning.

Kotor has one of the most preserved medieval towns in the world and you can see why is its a world heritage site.

A few days later we returned to Venice which we last visited in 2012. We walked from the station along some picturesque canals and headed towards St Marks square. We even tried some of the pizza.

Sailing away from Venice, we had some lovely views.

The Zoots have had a great time touring and are looking forward to lots more adventures together, here is a few pictures from the past ventures including Finland, France, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Las Vegas, Germany, Gibraltar, Norway, Estonia, Italy, Visby and Windsor! :

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