Wedding band Henley

Now this wedding takes me back! I first met Leona over 20 years ago, at school! We were 14, I had long hair, played the drums and wanted to be a rock star. We used to hang out in MacDonalds in Maidenhead putting the world to rights,  spending my paper round money on chips, life was great! Never would I have thought 20 years later we would have been performing for Leona on her wedding day! Massive thanks goes to Lisa, Leona’s bestie who actually remembered me and recommended us to Leona. Lisa got in touch back in February to see if I was available for Leona’s wedding. Leona and her fiance David live in New York so Lisa took got in touch on their behalf. It made total sense what with the time difference! I was so thrilled to be asked to perform! And so pleased they’d remembered me! The Zoots wedding band Henley!

Phyllis Court Club is spectacular. It was… “Established as a private members’ club in 1906, Phyllis Court offers its Members a world where elegance and tradition blend seamlessly with an understanding of modern requirements. Situated on the borders of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire our unique small luxury hotel offers the discerning visitor a world where elegance and tradition blend seamlessly with an understanding of modern requirements”. I was lucky enough to perform at Phyllis Court Club back in 2006 and was so pleased when I found out this was where Leona & David had chosen to have their wedding reception. Phyllis Court Club sits right on the river Thames, so the views, the tranquility and the setting are just wonderful. We arrived early and parked up. The building and the grounds were just lovely, so well manicured, so green and so peaceful!

Wedding band Henley

We had a bit of time before setting up, so we warmed up in a room upstairs which Leona & David had kindly organised for us. The staff at Phyllis Court Club were so helpful and friendly, it made our job a lot easier. We sussed out the load in. The quickest way to access the room we were performing in was via a back corridor parallel to the kitchen. We loaded in just outside. It smelt of cookies and freshly baked cakes. We’d been told the day was running behind schedule so we loaded our equipment in the corridor ready for green light to move in and set up as soon as the room had been vacated. We ended up having a lot of time waiting for the green light so we took some photos of the cool posters, a ghetto blaster, the signs for the loos and The Zoots fish. I really enjoyed looking at the drawings of all the different fish & lobsters and spotting faces within them!

We kept checking in for regular updates to see when we could get in the room. As soon as we had to word go, we shot in the room, setting up what we could. We were very conscious of the time and wanted to set up as quickly as possible to make up any time we could. The room looked ah-mazing! The flowers on the table, the pink hues of the uplighting, the simple but very effective hessian bows on the chairs. It all worked so so well together. And drawing everything together…the paper lanterns. They were brilliant!

Wedding band Henley

Dotted about throughout the room and hanging in flocks as focal points, these origami birds were amazing. After a quick set up and soundcheck we dashed upstairs to change and soon we were on! Leona & David had chosen some fab tracks from our repertoire. Including some of our wedding favourites, Johnny B Goode, Honky Tonk Women, American Pie, Summer of ’69 and Boys & Girls as well as so many more from our repertoire.

The night went so so quickly. Before we knew it out set was over and the lights were on. The wedding party were shouting for more and we would have loved to have continued but Phyllis Court Club has a strict midnight cut off point for the guests staying the hotel. I totally understand why they have this, it would have been great to play a few more songs though!

Thank you so much to Leona & David for choosing The Zoots as their wedding band.

Love Jamie, Harriet & The Zoots

We have some gigs coming up in Bath, Tylney Hall, Priston Mill wedding band, Foxhills wedding band, Pinewood Studios, Cambridge, River Cottage, Celtic Manor, Beeston, Bowood, 40th Birthday, Hereford, Lancashire and Bonhams Barn.

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