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Hello! Me again,
Its been a crazy few months in Zoots world, we were touring non stop from November to the beginning of 2016 and we’ve moved our HQ. We’ve found an article from last November about our excellent cruise to Malta, Barcelona and Cagliari.

I hope you enjoyed our blog from December about our performance in the Broadway Melodies Theatre. When we weren’t busy onstage with our 1960’s show, we were fortunate enough to have some time off to explore the places which we stopped in, boy we’ve been very lucky Zoots this year, and we’ve visited some amazing places. Today I want to tell you a little bit about where we went, and share with you some photos we took on our travels in late November.

It began, as most of our stories do, at Zoots HQ. From there, we drove to Heathrow. From there we flew to Malta, it looked amazing but we didn’t have time to look around 🙁 Then we performed our show! And then we sailed to Caligari, which looked a little bit like this…

Cagliari is Sardinia’s largest city (with a little over 150,000 people) and its capital for centuries, Cagliari on the island’s south coast offers the perfect mix of recreation and exploration options. The five-mile-long Poetto Beach is among the best city beaches on the Mediterranean, and together with the adjacent Marina Piccola, satisfies all manner of sun and sea pursuits. Seekers of culture will love Cagliari’s old district, Castello, where 13th-century towers still guard the medieval city walls.” (Thank you tripadvisdor for the info)

We stopped for a bite to eat at a local pizza place, we were in Italy after all! On the table next to us, we’re some people who’d seen the show the night before. It was great to get some feedback, and to find out where everyone was from.
The Zoots, Band on Tour, travelling band, Caligari, Band in Wiltshire, Jamie Goddard Band, Band for hire, Band in South West, Wedding band, Party Band, 60s band, tribute bandAfter lunch, we strolled around the town, enjoying the sights and the shops. We even stopped for ice cream! It was wonderful to feel the heat of the sun, as winter was definitely on its way when we left the UK a few days before.

We had a pleasant time looking around the shops and we met LOTS of people who had seen our performance the night before. We felt like local celebrities, stopping to talk and having our photos taken! It was brilliant.

After a lovely day in Caligari, we returned to the ship to make our way to Barcelona…which was BRILLIANT.


We visited the Sagrada Familia (for the 3rd time!) which was excellent, each year there is more to see! Check out the photos.

Our last ports of call were Cadiz and Jerez where we were me by lovely sister Stephanie who lives closeby.

Thank you so much for reading!



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