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The weather is great! Spirits are high. The BBQ is lit. The birds are a-tweeting; summer is near! I just love springtime. It’s been a really busy time for The Zoots! So much so, I haven’t had the change to tell you what we’ve been up to!

We’ve been enjoying working from our new Zoots HQ base here in Wiltshire. The view is just amazing. This is the where the magic happens, where we answer your emails, your phone calls and receive your lovely letters.


We had a super awesome brilliant TOP SECRET gig in London in April. I’m really not allowed to tell you anything about it for now, what is was for, or where it was, but I can tell you, it was totally BRILLIANT, and we’ll reveal all later this year.

April was also the month which we headed over to the very beautiful Elmore Court to perform for Sam & Phil on their wedding day. It was the first of three in a row performances for that weekend! We loved every minute of it! Elmore Court was just lovely and the staff their were brilliant. Chloe was really helpful and made sure we had everything we needed. There’s a cool video on their website, a time-lapse of the build of their purpose built music room, The Gillyflower. It even had it’s own in-house PA system and a stage! We’d love to perform there again.

The following evening, we headed to Suffolk to perform our 1970’s show, The Glam Rocks. It was great, we enjoyed dressing up and rockin’ out.

Then Sunday we headed over to the very swish Great Fosters in Egham for the wedding of Matt & Kelly. It was just beautiful. What a wedding! Drummer Simon used the van time wisely for a little nap en route.

April has been so busy, I can’t even recall what happened when! Next April is set to be even busier so if you’re thinking about booking us, get in touch!

Thanks for reading,

Harriet x

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