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Hello Saturday!
It’s April and we’ve heard there’s snow falling somewhere, but it looks pretty nice here at Zoots HQ in Wiltshire. We’re up and ready early today, as we have a long trip ‘to the north’ today! We’re performing at Lizzie & Will’s wedding at the (I think you’ll agree) very amazing Colshaw Hall in Cheshire, just look how perfect it is!
Colshaw Hall, Wedding venue in Cheshire, Colshaw Hall exterior, Colshaw Hall grounds, Wedding in April, UK Wedding,We left quite a lot of time for the journey, okay, so we left an insane amount of time for the journey as you never can tell what the M6 will be like! Fortunately, it was pretty clear. We scooped up bass player Dan en route and continued heading north, making good time. We arrived super early so headed to a local eatery called The Dog for a cup of tea.
The Dog Over Peover, pub over peover, Restaurant over peover
We’d been to The Dog before when we met up with Lizzie & Will a few months ago when we came to check out Colshaw Hall and meet the lovely pair. We headed to The Dog afterwards for some warm hospitality and a huge cup of tea! We weren’t disappointed. If you’re in the area, we’d recommend calling in here! The food smelt delish! 🙂 We had such a wonderful time meeting Lizzie & Will before the big day and we really felt like we could have chatted to them for hours, but they had to dash as they were really very, very late for a very important meeting 😉

Not only were we fortunate enough to meet Lizzie & Will before the wedding, but we also got to meet Lizzie’s mum Valerie a few weeks later, when we performed in Cheshire at Alvaston Hall. Valerie came to watch our sixties show as she lives very close by! It was so wonderful to meet Valerie before the day; she even got a sneak preview of some of the songs we’d be performing for Lizzie & Will!

After our tea at The Dog, we headed half a mile down the road to Colshaw Hall, still somewhat early, but figured it would be good to scope everything out, warm up and run through some bits. Shelley from Colshaw Hall was a total superstar, giving us the information we needed and showing us where we could go, and letting us know if everything was running to schedule. Every venue needs a Shelly! She showed us to our changing room for the evening. We were very impressed as we had our very own green room! It had a kitchen, shower, toilets and lounge area which we could make use of for the entire evening. It was really well equipped with tea bags, coffee, sugar, milk, washing up liquid etc, etc. It was very brilliant and everything we needed at the time. I wish I’d taken more photos…!

After getting settled, we had a look around the beautiful grounds.

I love this photo I captured of the ceremony hall and the thunderous clouds which were threatening in the background. Fortunately the clouds turned out to be nothing more than just a threat! They made for a cracking photo but failed to break, resulting in a pretty perfect evening for the wedding!

Colshaw Hall, Wedding venue in Cheshire, Colshaw Hall exterior, Colshaw Hall grounds, Wedding in April, UK Wedding,

After a short time in the Green Room, we got changed into our suits for the evening. We usually do this after setting up, but we knew time was tight this evening so wanted to do as much as we could beforehand so everything ran as smoothly as possible. We then headed to the bar area where Lizzie & Will had kindly arranged some delicious grub for us. It was delicious!

The room we were in was a very cool lounge area, attached to the bar, next to the room where the wedding breakfast was taking place.

I like this cool shot I took of the toast master:
Toast Master, Master of ceremonies, MC, Colshaw Hall MC,

I just LOVED Lizzie & Will’s table plan:

wedding seating plan, map seating plan, table plan, wedding plant, hand painted, watercolour seating plan, watercolour table plan, handmade table plan, table plan at colshaw hall

We met the team from Boothtique who were setting up a cool photo booth for the evening. They kindly took this for us:

Photo booth, The Zoots, The Zoots band, band for hire, Band for my wedding, band for my party, band in wiltshire

We loaded out the equipment from the van, ready for when every left the main room, our time to begin loading in. This is where things started to happen very quickly, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of photos! We loaded in and set up equipment on to our very cool (and high) stage for the evening. This was our view as we were setting up. Dave, the owner of Colshaw Hall was brilliant, and really helpful. In fact, everyone was! Definitely going on our list of favourite venues!

Interior Colshaw Hall, Wedding breakfast Colshaw Hall, evening room colshaw hall, band at colshaw hall

I spotted the amazing wedding cake!

We were excited to be using our full HK Audio PA rig tonight, as well as debuting our very new, and very fancy and very technical (we’ve been calling it the Starship Enterprise) Allen & Heath digital mixing desk.

Allen and Heath, Mixing desk, digital mixing desk, Allen and heath, Fancy, QU-24, digital mixer

We’d practised with our new desk last week, which was a huge help for this evening, so we knew what went where. We set up as quickly as we could, all ready for Lizzie & Will’s first dance, Michael Bubles ‘Everything’. It was lovely. You may spot Will’s interesting choice of shoe in the photo below. He managed to break his ankle a few weeks before the wedding. Did not stop him hitting the dance floor though!

Lizzie and Will wedding, bride and groom first dance, groom broken ankle, colshaw hall, wedding in cheshire, april wedding, uk wedding, first dance,

Following their first dance, we launched into the first set which was brilliant!

We had a quick break, whilst Jamie DJ’d. The dance floor was rammo. The guests did.not.stop.dancing.

During our break we drank some water, ate some bananas and rested, all ready for set 2!

Set two was immense. There was a lot of love in the room.

Thank you so, so much to Lizzie & Will for choosing The Zoots to be their wedding band for the evening. We had the best time! Thank you to the team at Colshaw Hall for being so amazing too.

And one with ‘the ankle’
The Zoots, band with bride and groom, Lizzie and Will wedding, The Zoots band, Band in Cheshire, Band for hire, Party band,

Thank you too, to Rhianna for recommending us to Lizzie & Will.

Jamie Goddard, Lead singer of the Zoots, Zoots at Colshaw Hall, wedding band Cheshire,

Love from,

The Zoots, Harriet, Jamie, Ben, Simon, Dan,

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Will & Lizzie got in touch after the day with these kind words:

‘Hi Jamie, Harriet and the rest of the band,

We wanted to email and say thank you so so much for the music at the wedding – you guys were awesome!! Both Lizzie and I loved every minute of it and to keep everyone on the dancefloor all night was really impressive – you even got my 89 year old nan up for a couple of dances! We are still getting photos from the day and will share the ones of the band as we get them – Harriet can add them to her blog (loved it!)

All the best, and let us know if you are ever in London, it would be great to say hi to you guys or even see a gig!

Will & Lizzie’

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